Training & Consultancy Services

Everytime Secure Services is a leading Training & Development solution provider and believes that Trainings are critical tools for resource development. The company has its own Training Vertical by the name of LETSXL which stands for Learning, Education & Training leads to Specialisation and Excellence, which explains our educational philosophy very well. We run regular educational programs for aspiring young men & women to train them to work in different verticals in the industry.

We are ETS, a renowned name in the field of security services. We work with teams of consultants and expert trainers to offer a range of training and consultancy services to address their development priorities. We start off by understanding your needs and goals. We always ensure to develop the material and program to fit your context and specific needs.

Our expert consultants will help the good become even better by providing support and practical guidance, sharing good practice, and consolidating the current practices.

Our training and consultancy program includes the following –

  • Consultancy services delivered using a blend of webinars, remote desk work, on-site visits, face-to-face training sessions, and more
  • Onsite workshops adapted to the needs of individuals; available as 2-5-day training modules or 1-day events
  • Our training and consultancy services are tailored for different levels of staffing responsibilities and roles, and are aimed at:
  • Developing expertise and staff knowledge
  • Enhancing academic systems
  • Developing internal quality assurance
  • Raising the quality and the standard of teaching to improve learning outcomes 

Upcoming Training Programes

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