At ETS, we aim to provide high quality guarding services for clients comprising of multinational corporations and residential societies which requires a team of trained security professionals. 

We thrive in the security services industry as we have unrivaled expertise inherited from trained commandos of Blue Sky International, Israel. From public sector safeguarding to commercial security, we offer a wide range of services across Delhi NCR region. Our expert security services in Delhi are well known as our guards are fully trained and vetted to be the best. 

Our security guard services include:

  • Gunman
  • Male Security Guards 
  • Female Security Guards
  • Security Marshals / Bouncers
  • Personal Security Officers

Our security officers inspect your property and patrol it to protect you and your family against any potential threat like theft, vandalism, or any other illegal activity. 

Our guards who work in any public building like a museum or art gallery will protect the paintings and exhibits by inspecting the people and packages entering and leaving the place. 

Similarly, in laboratories, factories, government buildings, etc. the officers will protect the information, computer codes, and defense secrets by checking the credentials of vehicles and people entering and leaving the area.

We offer customised Security Guarding Services for – 

  • Office Security Guard Services
  • Housing Society/ residential security guard services
  • Factory/ industrial complex security guard solutions
  • Restaurant/ club security guards and bouncer services
  • Perimeter manned security solutions
  • Event security guard services
  • Armed security guard services
  • Manned traffic and parking management services

With a very strict selection criteria, we also conducts extensive training and education sessions that enhance the skills and abilities of our employees. It helps us in providing seamless services to our clients with highest satisfaction levels.