Security Survey & Risk Assessment Audits

Everytime Secure Services also provides Security survey and Risk assessment audit services for Warehouses, Corporate Offices, Telecom and Oil Companies and Other corporate to manage their security systems to the optimum levels and ensuring compliances with international and local standards.

At ETS, we assists your organization in identifying physical risks by performing a detailed risk assessment to ensure that your organization has implemented the appropriate safeguard for protecting the most valuable assets within your organization.

For maintaining profitability, you need to stay operational at all times. This is why companies turn to ETS as our team of experts is known for their comprehensive Security Survey and Risk Assessment Services. Our global resources and talented staff allow us to analyze and evaluate your situation.

Apart from providing security services, we also provide risk assessment services which include –

  • Assessing threats and vulnerabilities that are applicable to your company
  • Providing a detailed review of security processes and employee safety at all locations
  • Developing a demographic analysis of criminal activities in the immediate locale
  • Evaluating the use of e-security systems when compared to best practices and other identified threats
  • Analyzing your travel protocols, procedures, and safety practices
  • Providing an initial vulnerability report and documenting the results of the site-assessment and interview processes